At the first meeting, can I ask about the possible outcome of the case?

Certainly, but be aware that the answer will probably be that more research of law and investigation of facts is necessary before any accurate prediction can be made. Some types of cases – especially certain criminal charges – are so common that some prediction can be made, but under no … [Read more...]

How do I find a trustworthy, reputable lawyer?

Lawyers have to follow very stringent ethical rules, especially regarding the handling of money and the representation of clients. Judges’ rules are even more stringent. To check out your potential attorney, search the state Bar Association where the attorney is located to see if they have any … [Read more...]

Is most of a lawyer’s time usually spent arguing cases in court?

No. A lawyer normally spends more time in an office than in a courtroom. The practice of law most often involves researching legal developments, investigating facts, writing and preparing legal documents, giving advice, and settling disputes. Laws change constantly. New law is enacted and prior law … [Read more...]

Should I “shop around” for the cheapest lawyer I can find?

With legal advice, you get what you pay for. Although you should not expect to get good legal advice without paying for it, you should not pay for anything you can’t actually receive. As with any purchase, be sure to weigh the cost of purchase against the benefit of what you receive. … [Read more...]

What kinds of fees and costs will be charged to me?

This depends completely upon the kind of case you intend to pursue. Be sure to ask the attorney about this when you are reviewing the contract. In any event, all fees and expenses will be shown to you at the end of your case. Itemized statements of expenses are also available on request. … [Read more...]

Will the lawyer recommend another attorney or firm if this one is unable to handle your case?

Yes. Sometimes a specific lawyer is referred, and other times potential clients will be referred to the attorney referral hotline of their local Bar Association. … [Read more...]

Will anyone else be working on my case?

Yes, secretaries, paralegals and/or clerks will assist the attorney in working on your case. Further, Lawrence & Associates’ attorneys work in teams so you will always have access to an attorney that is knowledgeable about your case. However, if an attorney who does not work for Lawrence & … [Read more...]

If you are only licensed in Kentucky and Ohio, does that mean you can’t work on cases outside of Kentucky and Ohio?

No, although it does mean that another attorney will have to be brought in to assist with your case. Fortunately, this office has established working relationships with attorneys in Indiana, Texas, Michigan, West Virginia, and Virginia for a variety of cases. Further, some cases can be filed in … [Read more...]

How soon should I see a lawyer if I think I need one?

The safe answer is “As soon as possible”. The deadline for filing documents and actions can be as short as ten (10) days, such as for filing some appeals, or as long as fifteen (15) years, such as for some kinds of contractual disputes. The bottom line is, if you miss your deadline, you are probably … [Read more...]