Is my injury serious enough to file a personal injury claim?

In Kentucky, you have to have more than $1,000.00 in medical bills before you can file a personal injury claim related to a car wreck. Generally, the amount you get for a personal injury case is determined by the amount of medical treatment necessary to treat you. One doctor’s visit isn’t going to … [Read more...]

What does a personal injury attorney do to help my case?

A good personal injury attorney knows what evidence he or she needs to gather and authenticate to prove to the insurance company that you deserve compensation for your injury. The attorney should also know all the kinds of compensation that are available to you, so you don’t leave a category out and … [Read more...]

Are my case expenses included in my attorney’s fee?

No, case expenses are separate, but usually minimal. All personal injury attorneys charge fees that are separate from expenses. We pay the expenses up front so you don’t have to, but they will be taken out of the settlement. … [Read more...]

Is it normal for a lawyer to contact me after a car accident about filing a lawsuit?

In Ohio, this is allowed.  In Kentucky, an attorney is not allowed to contact you in any way within the first thirty days after a car accident.  After thirty days, an attorney may contact you in writing, but not by phone or in person.  As with anytime you hire an attorney, be careful of accidentally … [Read more...]

Once you settle, how long does it take to get your check in?

Usually the check will come to our office within thirty days of settlement. After the check comes in and is signed, it has to pass through an escrow account. It can take three or four days for the check to clear the escrow account. At that point, you get your money. … [Read more...]

How long does the negotiation process take for a personal injury case?

That depends on how long you have to treat. Your attorney can’t send a demand to the insurance company until your medical treatment is either done or has reached a plateau. At Lawrence & Associates, once we send out the demand we require insurance adjusters to respond within thirty days. After … [Read more...]

Do I need an attorney for my personal injury claim?

An amateur handling their own personal injury claim is like an amateur working on their own car or fixing their own computer. You might get the job done, but it’s going to be a lot harder and take a lot longer than it would if you have a professional take care of it for you. Like all professionals, … [Read more...]

How much does a personal injury attorney cost?

At Lawrence & Associates, you never have to pay up front for a personal injury case. We know that many injured people have interruptions in employment and higher medical costs than normal, so we always take a contingency fee rather than setting an hourly rate. This kind of fee allows you to hire … [Read more...]

Will my personal injury award be taxed?

Generally, no. Under section 104 of the Internal Revenue Code, a taxpayer’s gross income does not include any damages that are received on account of personal physical injuries or sickness. It does not matter whether the damages have been obtained by a court order or through a negotiated settlement. … [Read more...]