Do I have to go back to work when the insurance company tells me to?

This is a good question with a tough answer. If your doctor returns you to light duty and if your employer offers you a job that is within those light duty restrictions, it is usually wise to go back to work. If you don’t, your benefits can get cut off. However, the employer cannot pay you less than … [Read more...]

Do I have to see the doctor that the employer or insurance company picked to treat me?

No, generally not. You are allowed to pick your own doctor once as a matter of right, and you are usually allowed to switch to a different doctor of your choice after that. There are some exceptions to this rule if a doctor lives exceptionally far away from you when other doctors nearby practice the … [Read more...]

What do I do if my TTD check is late?

Your TTD check (for lost wage replacement) should come every two weeks like clockwork. Sometimes there are hiccups, though, and you won’t find it in the mail when you expect it. There are a few things you can do. First, call the adjuster and make sure the check has been sent. If the adjuster says it … [Read more...]

How long does it take to get a Workers’ Compensation settlement?

At Lawrence & Associates, we always work to get you a settlement as soon as you reach MMI. You cannot get a settlement until you reach MMI because your doctor sets an impairment rating for you after MMI that affects the amount of your settlement. For this reason, the amount of medical treatment … [Read more...]

What does MMI mean, and how does it affect my Workers’ Compensation benefits?

MMI means Maximum Medical Improvement, and it means the doctors have gotten you to a plateau in treatment. It does not mean you are 100% better or at the same level you were at before your injury. When a doctor declares MMI, the insurance company still has to pay for medical bills but is allowed to … [Read more...]

Do I have to attend my Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Yes, your employer’s insurance company is allowed to schedule an IME and you are required to attend. If you refuse, the workers’ compensation insurance company can cut off your benefits. However, an IME is a sign that the insurance company is trying to get its own, hand-picked doctor to set your … [Read more...]

What does a Workers’ Compensation attorney do?

Workers’ Compensation attorneys make sure the insurance company pays you for each of the three types of payments they have to make: medical benefits, lost wage replacement, and permanent impairment compensation. Often, the first two categories will get paid with no problem, leading you to believe … [Read more...]

What does a nurse case manager do?

A nurse case manager (or field case manager) is someone hired by the insurance company to attend your doctor’s visits and report back to the insurance company about what is going on. The nurse case manager will often try to interrogate your doctor during the appointment; some even try to answer the … [Read more...]

What is the first thing I should do if I get hurt on the job?

In order, you should: 1) tell your employer what happened; 2) schedule an appointment with a doctor of your choice, and; 3) call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Lawrence & Associates. It’s usually unwise to sign anything for the employer or an insurance company before speaking … [Read more...]