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Cincinnati Jones Act and Admiralty Law Attorneys

jones act admiralty lawAdmiralty Law and Maritime Law are two names for the same thing. This kind of law covers any situation that occurs over the navigable waterways of the United States, including rivers and lakes. The Ohio River is one example of a navigable river. Admiralty law can stretch from injuries to American Seamen and Longshoremen, to property damage when vessels collide with bridges, to sunken vessel recovery, and to contracts for transport of goods over the water.

Experienced Admiralty Law Attorneys

It is important to get an experienced admiralty lawyer for these types of cases, because the average attorney and layman don’t know admiralty laws, and many don’t know that admiralty laws even exist! Many injured seamen and longshoremen are put on worker’s compensation, which can limit their ability to recover and cause problems later on. The laws are often very old – sometimes dating back to the English Empire – and both the practice and customs of this kind of law are far different than any other kind.

Under the US Constitution, admiralty cases are heard in federal court by default. Lawrence & Associates has years of experience in Jones Act cases – involving injured American Seamen – and in representing injured Longshoremen under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. We will take nearly any type of seaman’s injury, including death. We have in-depth knowledge of the duties, responsibilities, and hazards related to working on Motor Vessels and barges, and have represented deckhands, mates, engineers, cooks, helmsmen, and captains. We also assist in the recovery of Maintenance and Cure.

A deckhand was forced to use an old, worn-out ratchet to tighten lines on a barge. When the keeper on the ratchet came loose, the deckhand was thrown backward and injured. Lawrence & Associates represented the deckhand for his injuries and successfully recovered from the vessel owner and employer.

When a deckhand was injured as he was forced to carry heavy coils of leading lines across his motor vessel, rather than allowing the winch to do the job, Lawrence & Associates successfully recovered from the vessel owner and employer for the deckhand’s injuries.

An engineer leaving the pilot house fell over loose weather stripping that had not been repaired. Justin Lawrence successfully recovered from the employer and vessel owner for him.

An American Seaman was tying off barges in the late hours of a very cold January night. As another vessel passed near his, it caused suction and drew his vessel back. The rope used to lash the barges began to draw tight, and caught the seaman’s leg, pulling him into the water and amputating the leg. Justin Lawrence and co-counsel sued both boat owners based on negligent piloting, and recovered for the seaman’s injuries.

No Recovery, No Fee

Admiralty cases are paid for by contingency fee, meaning that you do not have to pay expenses or attorney’s fees up front. If money is recovered, the case expenses and attorney’s fees will be taken out of the settlement or judgment. Attorney’s fees are a percentage of the total amount. However, if you win your case, attorney’s fees, COURT COSTS AND CASE EXPENSES WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT. We represent injured seamen and longshoremen across the continental United States, with special emphasis on the Upper and Lower Ohio, and on the Tri-River area of Pittsburgh. Contact us at (513) 351-5997 for a free consultation.

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