Verdicts & Settlements

The Lawrence & Associates attorneys handle hundreds of cases every year and we are proud to have brought in millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our clients. Although every case is different and no result is guaranteed, we bring the same level of excellence to each new case that we brought to the cases listed below.

Each of the cases below is a finished case, and the amount reflected, if any, represents the final result of the case.  The cases below all deal with various forms of tort law (generally negligence), but sometimes admiralty or maritime laws, sometimes workers’ compensation laws, and in some cases contract law where an un- or under-insured motorist policy is at issue.  Please feel free to call one of our attorneys to discuss the laws underlying any of the cases described herein.

Verdicts & Settlements
Verdicts & Settlements
Verdicts & Settlements
A man was injured when a piece of construction equipment collided with his vehicle and crushed him. ($4,000,000.00) A woman was standing next to her parked car when another motorist side swiped her vehicle, severely injuring her leg. ($100,000.00) A woman was crushed in a hydraulic press and died of asphyxiation. The family’s recovery was limited by tort reform laws. ($125,000.00)
A family was traveling a rural, unlit road at night when they hit high water and went over a hidden embankment. The guardrail had washed away and had not been replaced. (Settled Confidentially) A man was working on a motor vehicle when a truck struck the vehicle. The man was pinned between the two vehicles, and his hips and legs were broken. ($3,500,000.00)
A psychiatric patient was not properly supervised and attempted an escape from the facility where she lived. During the escape attempt, she fell two stories and injured her back. (Settlement Confidential) A construction worker fell through a rotten floor while at work, causing a serious spinal injury. The company that constructed the floor did so without proper support. ($150,000.00)
A woman was killed while driving due to spillage left on the road. ($950,000.00) A man fell in a fast food restaurant, injuring his back. He was a high wage earner and lost an important contract due to his treatment. The restaurant had mopped its floor, but failed to put up wet floor signs. ($165,000.00)
A truck driver fell at work. ($132,000.00) A woman was driving her vehicle when another hit her car head-on, causing thoracic outlet syndrome. ($137,500.00)
A man developed a rare nerve condition due to his employment, which made it impossible for him to use one arm. ($775,422.00) A barge worker was injured when the equipment he was using broke, causing a cable to strike his leg. ($100,000.00)
A married couple was hit head-on by an oncoming vehicle that crossed into the couple’s lane of travel. Both suffered injuries, the most severe of which was the man’s spinal injury. (Settlement Confidential)
A man was a passenger in a rental car when it spun out of control and killed him. ($750,000.00)
A barge worker (Jones Act Seaman) was climbing down a ladder from an empty to a loaded barge when the improperly secured ladder collapsed. The worker’s head injury which caused partial blindness. ($325,000.00)
A man was injured when his work truck, which was improperly loaded and overweight, overturned. He suffered a brain injury. ($136,815.57)
A family was hit by an uninsured drunk driver, sustaining various injuries. ($240,000.00)
A man was injured when a canister from a dolly was pushed on top of him. ($150,000.00)
A man suffered shoulder and back injuries when he was rear-ended while driving on the interstate. ($200,000.00)
A man’s leg was injured when his dump truck malfunctioned, spilling a load of dirt on top of him. ($198,277.25)
A woman was driving when a vehicle pulled out in front of her, causing shoulder and knee injuries. ($135,000.00)
A man was riding motorcycle when he lost control due to loose debris from a passing truck, injuring his leg. ($100,000.00)