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When you got out of your car after the accident, did you take any pictures? Did you talk to the other driver? Did you get the names and contact information for any witnesses? Many people – and many attorneys – think they can handle an automobile accident only to find out later that insurance carriers are difficult to deal with, and that the injured person has a difficult burden of proof. The legal, insurance, and medical issues in your case are more complex than you may realize. You need an attorney with an extensive history focused on personal injury law to protect your rights and help you get all of the compensation you deserve.

Why should you look for an attorney with an extensive history of work in personal injury law? Some attorneys are personal injury dabblers; attorneys who are probably very skilled in other kinds of law, but who don’t file personal injury cases often enough to be familiar with the specialized knowledge that creates the difference between a decent result and a great result. If you look around, nearly all law offices list “personal injury” or “auto accidents” after the kind of law they usually practice. This reflects the unfortunate and untrue assumption that this kind of law is easy. It isn’t! We suggest you ask your attorney for a list of business groups they are part of that are related to working automobile accident cases – and then call any groups they name to confirm they are members and what the business group does. If your attorney can’t name any, he or she may not be receiving the necessary continuing education to keep their personal injury practice in top shape.

What Can an Attorney Help Me Do in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

There are many ways a lawyer can not only make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible, but also make the experience of going through an insurance claim or lawsuit easier than it would be if you go it alone. For example, many insured men and women are unable to work while they are recovering from their injuries, which makes it difficult to pay bills. However, insurance policies written in Kentucky have PIP coverage, which can be used to cover lost wages in certain situations. Having an attorney on your case early in the claims process may allow you to allocate insurance money to you to pay your regular household expenses. Don’t fall behind on your bills if you don’t have to!

In addition, you need to make sure you are getting the best medical treatment possible. Today, health insurance is uncertain at best. Will you be covered if automobile insurance doesn’t pay for your medical bills? Will your doctor even treat you if you don’t have a guarantee of payment up front? A good attorney can suggest medical providers that will treat or provide medication even when your insurance coverage has been called into question.

The speed at which you resolve this situation is important as well. No one wants to be dealing with the insurance company for years after the accident. A personal injury attorney should be willing to devote the time and attention to your case that it deserves. Failing to timely begin settlement negotiations with the insurance carrier, or to file a complaint when negotiations fail, only causes your claim to be delayed. You deserve to get this matter over with and get it behind you. Although anyone can get a little compensation fast, a good attorney can often get a lot of compensation quickly as well.

What Kind of Compensation – and How Much – Should You Expect?

  • In any injury case, including car accidents, the four basic kinds of damages are medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and – depending on several factors like marital status – loss of consortium. If you suffered each of those kinds of damages but the insurance company won’t talk to you about them, you probably need a lawyer right away.
  • Even if the insurance company gives some lip service to the four basic categories, there are more complications you need to consider. Does the auto insurance company have to pay the full amount of the medical bills, or just what your health insurance paid for them? (Kentucky and Ohio have very different rules on this.) What about lost wages going forward, if you can’t go back to the same job? And how do you calculate pain and suffering anyway? Your lawyer should be able to sit down and explain these concepts to you.
  • The amount of compensation owed to you is tough to judge in advance. There are many factors in play, and no two cases are the same. However, one thing that is very consistent is Colossus, the computer software used by over two dozen insurance companies to estimate the settlement value of claims. Knowing how to “speak” to Colossus is important, and only attorneys that practice car accident litigation frequently know what to tell Colossus to maximize your recovery. Colossus is changed frequently, making how-to guides on speaking to Colossus outdated and increasing the complexity of dealing with this computer program. Make sure you get an attorney that knows about Colossus!

What to do immediately following an auto accident

No Recovery, No Fee

Lawrence & Associates accepts personal injury, workers’ compensation, and social security cases on a contingency basis.

You will owe an attorney fee only if we obtain compensation for you. However, if you win your case, attorney’s fees, court costs, and case expenses will be paid out of the settlement or judgment.

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