How Can an Attorney Help You Win Your Claim?

stethoscope-840125_640Clinical Evaluations

During both SSI and SSDI applications, the Social Security Administration may periodically schedule claimants for clinical evaluations, also known as “CEs” or Disability Evaluations. CEs are important because Social Security often relies on these CEs to provide potential justification to deny applications. It is imperative that you attend your scheduled CE and make the best of the appointment. At Lawrence & Associates, your attorney will tell you how to make the most out of the CE and how to use them to benefit, rather than hurt, your claim.

Vocational Experts

Vocational Experts and Their Role

Once your claim makes its way to the hearing level the Social Security Administration retains a vocational expert who appears at the hearing before the ALJ. The vocational expert reviews the RFC report and determines whether jobs exist that the person claiming disability can still do despite his or her limitations. If those jobs do exist, then the claimant is not disabled. But if those jobs do not exist, then the claimant is disabled.

Combating the Vocational Expert

The VE’s testimony is used at step 5 of the sequential evaluation and that is where most claimants are found to be “not disabled.” The VE testimony can have a direct and immediate effect on the ALJ’s determination and it is therefore essential to have an experienced representative to combat this testimony. At Lawrence & Associates, our attorneys are familiar with the common VE testimony and can help to poke holes in the often ridiculous jobs that they propose. Without effective VE cross-examination the Judge is likely to rely on the VE testimony for the basis of your denial.