Listings for Impairment and GRID Rules

bankrutpcy checklistWhat Are the Listings for Impairment and How Do They Affect an SSDI Claim?

“The Listings” are a common way to refer to the Social Security Administration’s pre-approved impairments that are considered to be of sufficient severity to prevent a person from performing any substantially gainful activity. The Listings are organized by body system, and include conditions as diverse as blindness and Down’s Syndrome, as well as a wide array of disabling injuries.

“Equaling” a Listing

Attorneys in the Greater Cincinnati area often speak in terms of “equaling” a listing. This simply means that a client’s disabling impairments either specifically match the criteria of a listing, or are “at least equal in severity and duration” to the criteria in the listing. The social security examiner or the ALJ will decide whether a claimant meets of equals a listing based on the medical records in the file.

Determining whether you meet a listing and qualify automatically for social security disability benefits is very complex, and requires both legal and medical knowledge. If you want to ask an Administrative Law Judge to qualify you under the listings, you would be wise to consult with a qualified attorney well before your hearing.

Duration of the Listing is Very Important

Remember that any impairment that equals a Listing must be something that will exist for twelve months or longer, or which must be expected to result in death, in order for the impairment to be considered a disability by the Social Security Administration. However, if you meet the durational requirement and equal a Listing, you will be found disabled. We know this information can be very confusing and this page presents a very basic summary of very complex law. That’s why Lawrence & Associates has dedicated our time to helping Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati residents navigate social security disability law and get the disability they deserve. Contact us today!

GRID rules

If you do not meet or equal a listing you may be able to GRID out under Social Security’s rules and be found disabled as a result of your residual functional capacity, age, education and past relevant work. This is another reason why older individuals are often approved for benefits, while a younger claimant will be denied.

The GRID rules can be confusing, but when used correctly, they can be utilized to help achieve a favorable decision. Call Lawrence & Associates today to get the assistance of an attorney familiar with the GRIDs.

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