Product Liability

product liabilityWhen a poorly designed or manufactured product causes an injury, the victim can claim compensation for financial loses, pain and emotional suffering. The families of people killed by a dangerous product can also seek compensation. Product liability cases are often hard-fought and present numerous liability and technical challenges. You should seek out an attorney who has the experience, skills and resources needed to meet these challenges.

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Experienced Product Liability Attorneys

The firm of Lawrence & Associates has successfully represented a number of clients who have suffered injuries and losses as the result of defective products. We are aggressive advocates who work tenaciously to help our clients obtain maximum compensation for their losses.

A woman was crushed to death in a hydraulic press. Lawrence & Associates sued the press manufacturer for failing to put safeguards in place, and successfully recovered for the deceased’s family.

Lawrence & Associates represents people in defective and dangerous product cases involving:

  • Vehicle rollovers
  • Defective tires and vehicle components
  • Dangerous industrial equipment
  • Defective tools and construction equipment
  • Wrongful death
  • Other product liability cases

Building a Strong and Effective Case

To succeed in a personal injury case, you must establish liability and document the losses the injured party has suffered. Lawrence & Associates will work with a team of professionals specially chosen for technical expertise, such as engineers, safety specialists and others who can determine how the product failed and the negligence of the designer or manufacturer. We will also calculate your financial losses and assess potential verdicts for your pain, suffering and emotional distress. Lawrence & Associates want to help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Our firm will aggressively seek maximum compensation for you.

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