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When a product is manufactured or designed incorrectly, it can lead to debilitating injuries or death to the user, even if months or years have passed since the product was purchased. Products liability is a special kind of lawsuit because it is an allegation that a very large company – often a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company – has made a significant error not just in your case, but in thousands of cases nationwide. As a result, these cases are difficult, hard-fought lawsuits that require a great deal of time and money. Not every law firm is set up to handle this kind of case.

Lawrence and Associates has been successfully representing clients in products liability cases for many years. Below, you will see one of the first videos our founder, Justin Lawrence, ever made. It discusses products liability cases and the necessity of your lawyer knowing not only the law, but also a lot about how the product is made:



In What Kinds of Products Liability Cases Does Lawrence & Associates Have Experience?

Lawrence & Associates has successfully represented clients in so many different kinds of products liability cases that we feel comfortable examining nearly any type of defective product claim. Even if we don’t have prior experience with a certain type of product, we can bring in experts from the field or attorneys with prior experience from other parts of the country, and determine whether you have a viable claim. Most importantly, we provide this analysis at no cost to you. Remember that products liability is a contingency fee system, just like other types of personal injury. Therefore, you don’t pay fees or costs unless you obtain money for your claim.

There are some of the kinds of products liability cases for which Lawrence & Associates has obtained settlements or judgments in the past.

  • Automobile defects – Remember the Ford rollover problems and the Toyota acceleration defects? Not every car accident is the fault of the driver, and even a car you are comfortable driving can have a hidden defect. Lawrence & Associates has represented several clients against automobile manufacturers for defects.
  • Mining equipment – from conveyor belt systems to heavy earth moving equipment, Lawrence & Associates has represented many clients who were injured in mining accidents as a result of defective design of mining equipment.
  • Factories and Large Machinery – Lawrence & Associates has represented people who were injured by negligently installed hydraulic presses and by milling and molding machines. We are familiar with OSHA and state lock out/tag out rules and have worked with a variety of OSHA experts.
  • Forklifts and Pallet Jacks – although many times accidents involving these machines are due to mere negligence – for example, someone driving too fast or a pedestrian not looking around corners on the warehouse floor – in other instances a defective part can cause the machine to tip over with a heavy load on it, potentially crushing the operator.

Building a Strong and Effective Case

To succeed in a products liability case, you must establish liability and document the losses the injured party has suffered. Lawrence & Associates will work with a team of professionals specially chosen for technical expertise, such as engineers, safety specialists and others who can determine how the product failed and the negligence of the designer or manufacturer. We will also calculate your financial losses and assess potential verdicts for your pain, suffering and emotional distress. Lawrence & Associates want to help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Our firm will aggressively seek maximum compensation for you.

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