Charles Clark v. W & M Kraft, Inc

Follow this link to read a 2007 decision in which Justin Lawrence successfully argued that his client, an employee of Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB) qualified as a seaman under the law. Justin Lawrence also argued that W & M Kraft (corporation from South Carolina that provided safety … [Read more...]

When a Civil Defendant Files for Bankruptcy

Justin Lawrence wrote this article to teach other attorneys how to handle a personal injury case, such as a car accident or a slip-and-fall, when the defendant in the case files for bankruptcy.  If you have a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, the case law and advice in this article can … [Read more...]

Turner v. Midland Decision

Follow the link to read an important published decision by the Eastern District of Kentucky federal court, in which Justin Lawrence successfully argued that his admiralty client, a Jones Act Seaman working on the Ohio River, was entitled to proceed to a trial by jury on all his claims for damages. … [Read more...]

Am I Covered Under Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Code?

If you were injured on the job while working in Ohio, you are probably covered under Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Code. Here are the things that Ohio Revised Code 4123 requires injured workers to prove to have their claim allowed: That you were actually employed by the company you are filing a … [Read more...]

Credit Card Purchases: Why Calculating Interest Is the Most Important Step You’ll Ever Take

Credit cards are ubiquitous in American society. We get offers to take out a new credit card when we turn eighteen, prisoners get offers to take out credit cards while they are still in jail, and even the recently deceased still get offers to take out a credit card well after the day they died. It … [Read more...]

Injured at Work: Separating Jones Act from State Workers’ Compensation Claims

In this article, Justin Lawrence explains the difference between Workers’ Compensation benefits and the Jones Act, which provides benefits for men and women who work on navigable waterways such as the Ohio River.  Workers should know under which system they are eligible for benefits, and what … [Read more...]

Legal Fee Arbitration — Knowing Your Rights as a Lawyer

Follow the link to read Justin Lawrence’s most recent article in The Advocate, educating Kentucky attorneys about Kentucky’s fee arbitration system that acts as an alternative to costly civil suits over legal fees. Legal Fee Arbitration — Knowing Your Rights as a Lawyer … [Read more...]

Learn How Personal Injury Protection Can Help After an Auto Accident

In this video, Justin Lawrence describes and defines Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage as it relates to Kentucky drivers, and talks about the types of bills that PIP should cover after a motor vehicle accident.  Justin also describes the process for receiving PIP benefits, and talks about … [Read more...]

Marisa’s Story

Long before I was an attorney practicing in the area of Worker’s Compensation and long before I started representing injured workers, not one but two immediate family members of mine got hurt on the job. One family member smashed her arm in between two extremely heavy skids while at her place of … [Read more...]

What To Do Immediately Following an Auto Accident

In this video, Justin Lawrence discusses the best way to handle the aftermath of a car wreck where you have damage to your vehicle, injuries, or pain that suggests an injury.  How you handle the insurance companies, what you do on the scene of the crash, and how you interact with the other driver … [Read more...]