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Attorney Referrals & Co-Counsel

Are you a law firm based in Ohio or Kentucky seeking reliable co-counsel for cases outside your practice scope? At Lawrence & Associates, we take pride in being a strong co-counsel option. Whether your case requires expertise outside your practice area or you seek to enhance your legal team’s capabilities, we offer collaborative solutions to benefit all involved parties.

Why Choose Lawrence & Associates for Co-Counsel?

Competitive Referral Fees*

We offer competitive referral fees, encouraging more referrals and creating lucrative opportunities for our co-counsel partners.

Flexibility in Collaboration

Whether you need co-counsel at the beginning of a case, during litigation, or for specific investigations, Lawrence & Associates is ready to join forces at any point in your legal journey.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Our experienced team can assist with initial investigations, casework, and more. We specialize in various areas, ensuring your clients receive top-notch representation.

Specialized Cases

Handling a personal injury case alongside an employment or workers’ compensation matter? Keep the employment or workers’ compensation case, and let us manage the personal injury aspect.

Financial Benefits for Your Firm

Co-counseling with Lawrence & Associates allows your law firm to handle a broader spectrum of cases, contributing to your financial growth.

Basics of Co-Counsel Agreements You Should Know

Considering co-counseling with Lawrence & Associates? Feel free to thoroughly review us. Assess our track record, attorneys, and reputation in the legal community for similar cases. Should you decide to work with us, we’ll document our co-counsel agreement in writing for a reliable, enforceable legal contract. We will work together to establish timelines for case management, filings, and casework up front to avoid complications during co-counseling.

Ethics & Legal Statutes of Fee Sharing

Concerned about the ethics of fee sharing in co-counseling? Rest assured, Lawrence & Associates complies with all legal statutes and ethical guidelines. We ensure client approval in writing for fee splits.

*In jurisdictions like Ohio where a fee split must conform to the work performed, we will work with your firm to ensure you are involved in the legal work to the extent you desire and split the fee accordingly.

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Interested in exploring co-counsel opportunities and professional referrals in Ohio and Kentucky? Reach out to us at (513) 960-5291 for our Ohio office or at (859) 470-3780) for our Kentucky office.

Last Updated : January 25, 2024
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