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Northern Kentucky Foreclosure Attorneys

If you’ve stopped being able to make your mortgage payments and the bank is now threatening to foreclose on your home, you need to know your legal rights. You may be entitled to work out a refinancing or loan restructuring with the bank, or you may have a legal defense to the bank’s attempt to foreclose. The foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates are standing by to review the details of your case and guide you through the process of negotiating with the bank to keep your home.

The foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates have represented thousands of clients across Northern Kentucky who were facing the loss of their home through foreclosure. We’ve earned an award-winning reputation helping people facing crippling financial troubles. Our bankruptcy lawyers have a five-star rating on Avvo, where we were awarded the Clients’ Choice Award in 2016.

If you’re facing foreclosure of your home, we aren’t here to judge you. Instead, we want to work tirelessly to make sure you are afforded all the rights you are entitled to under the law to try to keep your home and get back on a stable financial footing. If you’re behind on your mortgage payments and the bank is threatening to foreclose, contact the foreclosure attorneys at Lawrence & Associates today at (513) 351-5997 to learn about your options and to put us to work fighting to keep your home.

Do I Need a Foreclosure Lawyer?

When you’re facing foreclosure, you’re likely being subjected to an onslaught of threatening emails, letters, and phone calls from the bank. You may be wondering what you can even do to save your home. Don’t try to fight with the bank alone. An experienced foreclosure attorney can advise you as to your options to avoid foreclosure and work with the bank to restructure your mortgage payments and make them more affordable.

The bank may offer you the option of applying for loan modification. But the loan modification application process can be complicated. Too often have we seen cases where people tried to handle their loan modification application on their own, only to end up having foreclosure court proceedings started even though they thought they had received a loan modification. Having a foreclosure attorney means that you won’t lose out on rights that may allow you to keep your home.

The foreclosure process can be daunting. Let us handle the paperwork and dealing with the bank so that you can have peace of mind and focus on your family. Contact the foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates today.

Why Choose Lawrence & Associates to Handle My Foreclosure Case?

If you need a lawyer in Northern Kentucky to handle your foreclosure proceedings, you have many law firms to choose from. But not all law firms are the same. Choosing the right lawyer may mean the difference between keeping your home or losing it to foreclosure. You need a law firm with the experience, track record, and client-focus necessary to get you the best outcome possible.

We are experienced in all the options you may have available to you to avoid foreclosure. Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in saving clients’ homes from foreclosure. If you are in serious financial distress, we can file for bankruptcy on your behalf to stop collection efforts and prevent the bank from foreclosing on your home. Each year our attorneys file over 100 successful bankruptcy cases in Northern Kentucky.

We know that, as attorneys, we are providing a service to you. That’s why we place a special focus on providing excellent customer service to our clients. Our attorneys and staff are always courteous of your time, being punctual to every appointment and responding to your calls and emails in a timely manner. We always keep you updated on every important development in your case and explain your options and next steps to you in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. And we’ll always work tirelessly to get the best possible result for you.

Types of Foreclosure Cases We Handle

When you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, the foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates stand ready to fight to help you keep your home. We can help you avoid foreclosure or reduce your losses at every stage of the foreclosure process, including:

  • Fallen behind on mortgage payments
  • Threatened foreclosure
  • Loan modification application
  • Filed foreclosure complaint
  • Post-judgment
  • Post-sheriff’s sale

You may lose important rights at any one of these stages, so it is critical that you contact the foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates today to learn about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The threat of foreclosure can be a frightening prospect for any homeowner, but help is available to you. You have the right to ask questions about the process and seek legal help to protect your property. Our foreclosure defense attorneys are standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (513) 351-5997 and read a few helpful FAQs below:

Even if you’ve accepted the fact of losing your home, you should never simply allow the bank to foreclose. A foreclosure will have long-lasting negative effects on your credit history. And it’s often in the bank’s interest to work out something with you rather than foreclose on your home – the bank often loses money on foreclosures. The bank may be required by law to offer you refinancing or payment restructuring options before pursuing foreclosure. There may also be legal defenses to the bank’s attempt to foreclose. For example, are the bank’s foreclosure papers compliant with the law and court procedures? Does the bank have possession of your original note and mortgage? Is the bank attempting to add fees and charges to your balance that are not permitted by law? The foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates can review your case and let you know if you have a legal claim to stop the bank’s foreclosure efforts.
If the bank is threatening you with foreclosure, it may be possible to stop the bank from carrying out that threat. Many federal and state regulations may require your bank to offer you options for refinancing your mortgage or establishing a new payment plan. However, typically you are required to qualify for such programs. If you don’t qualify for a refinancing or restructuring of your loan, there are other options for halting the foreclosure process. If you are suffering under other debts, such as credit cards and medical bills, you may be well-served by declaring bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy means that an automatic stay is put into effect, preventing the bank from making collection calls or taking legal action to collect on your debt. Through bankruptcy, your mortgage can be discharged if you surrender your property, or the bankruptcy court can work out an arrangement between you and your bank to allow you to pay off your mortgage in a more affordable manner.
If your home has already been sold at a sheriff’s sale, it is often incredibly difficult to unwind the transaction. However, a court may reverse a sheriff’s sale if there have been previously-undiscovered improprieties in the foreclosure process. Even if your home has already been sold, you should immediately contact the foreclosure attorneys of Lawrence & Associates . We can review your case and let you know if you have a legal claim that may allow you to stay in your home.

Foreclosure Statistics

According to RealtyTrac, one in every 4299 mortgages enters foreclosure. Kenton and Jefferson Counties are among the top five counties in Kentucky for foreclosure. The University of Kentucky reports that Kentucky’s foreclosure rate in 2017 was 1.68 percent, compared to a national rate of 1.55 percent; that was Kentucky’s lowest rate since the fourth quarter of 2001.

Foreclosures often are triggered by one small emergency. A NeighborWorks America factsheet notes that 43 percent of U.S. households spend more than they earn, while 52 percent of employees live paycheck to paycheck. Forty-two percent of U.S. households do not have enough liquid financial assets to support themselves for at least three months. Common factors leading to foreclosure include job loss, with 32 percent of foreclosed households having suffered a job loss, and a health crisis, with 25 percent of foreclosed households having recently suffered such a crisis.

Even if you are suffering financial difficulties, it is possible to avoid foreclosure. The banks want to avoid foreclosure too – NeighborWorks America notes that lenders typically lose more than $50,000 on a foreclosure, with losses ranging from 20 to 60 cents on the dollar. Moreover, low- and moderate-income borrowers who enter repayment plans with the bank are 68 percent less likely to lose their home.

The Northern Kentucky Foreclosure Lawyers at Lawrence & Associates Are Ready to Fight for You

When financial struggles hit your family and you fall behind on your mortgage payments, we know the stress you feel, worrying about whether you are going to lose your home. That is why the foreclosure attorneys at Lawrence & Associates will work non-stop to make sure that we’ve explored every option and that you get every opportunity to keep your home.

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, been threatened with foreclosure, or if the bank has already taken steps to foreclose on your home, don’t wait another day. Contact the Northern Kentucky foreclosure attorneys at Lawrence & Associates today by calling (513) 351-5997.

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