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Dog Bite Attorneys in Cincinnati

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Dog Bite Attorneys in Cincinnati

If a dog in Cincinnati has attacked you, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and expenses. Dog attacks are stressful experiences. Dog bites can result in serious injuries, especially if the dog is carrying diseases. They often result in the need for extensive medical attention and time off work. Furthermore, in many dog bite cases, the dog is familiar to the victim, often being a family member’s or neighbor’s dog. This can make the prospect of pursuing compensation extra uncomfortable.

After a dog attack, contact Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC for help. We can handle your dog bite claim for you so you can focus on your recovery while also getting the compensation you need. We are award-winning personal injury attorneys. We’ve received a 10.0 rating on Avvo, have been recognized by Super Lawyers, and have been rated as a Top 100 law firm by The National Trial Lawyers organization. Contact our legal team today at (513) 351-5997 for a free consultation to get started on pursuing your claim.

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    Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

    Dog bite laws are complex and nuanced, and pursuing a successful dog bite claim requires a further understanding of these laws. Even though Ohio is a strict liability state for dog bites, which in theory should make your claim easier, the dog owner’s insurance will still do everything they can to make you seem responsible for the attack and avoid paying you the money you need. You need a dog bite lawyer on your side who will fight back against the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

    An experienced dog bite lawyer has seen every kind of dog attack and knows how to refute the common defenses. They will reject the insurance company’s attempts to offer you lowball settlements to ensure you get every penny you need and deserve. Having a lawyer can also be helpful if the dog who attacked you belonged to a friend or neighbor. With your lawyer handling communications with their insurance company, there is no need for awkwardness between yourself and your friend.

    Why Choose Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC to Handle My Dog Bite Case?

    Dog Bite Attorneys in CincinnatiThe attorneys of Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC are experienced, award-winning attorneys who will vigorously pursue your claim to get you the justice you deserve. Our clients are our number one priority, and we take immense pride in our reputation for customer service and satisfaction. We always communicate with you about the details of your case and will do everything in our power to reach a satisfactory conclusion to your case. This is also why we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we will handle all the upfront costs for your case ourselves. When you win a settlement, we will take a small portion of that settlement for our fees. In the very unlikely event that we are unable to win you any money, you will never owe us a penny.

    Types of Cases We Handle

    Ohio is a strict liability state for dog bite claims. This means that a dog owner is liable for any injuries their dog causes, regardless of whether they knew the dog was violent. There are only three defenses a dog owner may use to avoid liability for a dog attack:

    • If the victim was trespassing when they were attacked by the dog, they are not eligible for compensation
    • If the victim provoked the dog by teasing, taunting, or tormenting it, they are not eligible for compensation
    • If the victim was in the process of committing or attempting to commit a crime, they are not eligible for compensation

    It is also possible for a dog bite victim to bring a claim under the doctrine of negligence. If you choose this path, you may be eligible for punitive damages, which can vastly increase the amount of money you receive. However, proving negligence can be difficult, and convincing a judge to award punitive damages is even harder. To be successful, you will have to be able to demonstrate that the dog owner’s behavior was so egregious that it deserves to be punished in order to discourage similar behavior in the future. Speak with a lawyer from Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC to determine whether you should pursue your claim on a strict liability or negligence basis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If a dog has bitten you, it is natural to have questions about your rights and legal options. These are some of the most challenging and emotionally trying injury claims to pursue, so be sure to contact a knowledgeable dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’ve provided some answers to some frequently asked questions below:

    The first thing you should do if you are bitten by a dog is to clean the wound if it is not too severe. If you can do so without risking anyone’s safety, you should also quarantine the dog for testing to ensure it is not carrying any diseases. If you can contact the dog’s owner, you should obtain a copy of the dog’s immunization records.If the wound is severe or it seems like it has become infected, or if you notice that the dog that bit you was acting strangely, you should immediately seek medical attention. Dogs may carry diseases that are easily treated but can be fatal if left untreated.Avoid making statements to the dog’s owner or the owner’s insurance company. They may try to use those statements later to argue that your actions provoked the dog to bite you. Contact a dog bite attorney as soon as possible; an attorney will help document your claim and negotiate with insurance on your behalf to reach a satisfactory settlement.
    Never accept an insurance company settlement without first speaking with an attorney. The offer of money right away can seem enticing, especially if you have missed work and are facing steep and unexpected medical bills. However, most insurance companies will count on this fact and therefore offer you far less money than you deserve. An attorney can evaluate your case, let you know the full extent of compensation you might be entitled to, and fight back against the insurance companies to make sure they offer you a fair and reasonable settlement.
    When you have Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC pursue your dog bite claim, you don’t have to pay us anything unless we get compensation for you. If we obtain a settlement or a favorable judgment at trial, our fees, case expenses, and court costs will be paid out of your settlement or judgment.
    As with all personal injury claim, if you’ve suffered a dog bite you may be entitled to four basic categories of compensation:
    • Past and future medical bills: You may be entitled to be reimbursed not only for the medical expenses you’ve incurred thus far, but also for any future medical expenses that might arise.
    • Past and future lost wages: You may be compensated for work you’ve missed as a result of your injuries from your dog bite, as well as lost wages if you return to work at fewer hours or in a job with lower pay.
    • Pain and suffering: You may also be entitled to compensation for the pain you’ve suffered because of your injuries as well as for the loss of quality in your life if you are unable to participate in things you did before your injuries.
    • Loss of consortium: Depending on your marital and family status, your loved ones may also be entitled to claim compensation for the loss of your companionship as a result of your injuries.
    The exact amount of compensation you may be entitled to will vary depending on the details of your case.

    How long will it take to resolve my claim?

    At Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC, we work to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. In cases where a dog’s owner accepts responsibility for a bite, resolving your claim may be as simple as calculating your medical expenses and lost wages. However, if the owner contests liability, the case may drag on, especially if it has to go to court.

    Dog Bite Statistics

    The U.S. has steadily increased dog ownership over the last two decades. Nationwide, the number of pet dogs surged from 68 million in 2000 to nearly 90 million by 2017. Almost half of U.S. households (49.3 percent) own a dog.

    The majority of dog bite injuries come from pet dogs rather than strays. A family or neighborhood dog bites three out of five victims. In 2018, dog bites were the 13th leading reason for nonfatal emergency department visits in the U.S. That year, emergency departments nationwide treated more than 344,000 nonfatal dog bite injuries. Nearly 20 percent of those bitten by dogs needed medical care, and almost 27,000 required reconstructive surgery.

    Dog bites predominantly affect school-age children and are more common in less populated areas and lower-income neighborhoods. Remarkably, about half of all kids 12 and younger have been bitten by a dog. Among injuries associated with common children’s activities, dog bites are second only to playground accidents in terms of annual ED visits. The age group most affected by dog bites is children aged five to nine, followed by those four and younger, and then the 10 to 14 group.

    From an anatomical standpoint, dog bite injuries most commonly affect the upper extremities (47.3 percent). The next most commonly affected areas are the head and neck (26.8 percent), the lower extremities (21.5 percent), and the trunk (4.4 percent). Younger victims tend to have more head and neck injuries, while older individuals more frequently sustain bites on the upper extremities. In-patient hospitalization due to dog bites is rare, occurring in only 1.7 percent of the reported cases.

    Common Times of Year For Dog Bite Injuries

    A majority of dog bite incidents take place during summer months, on weekends, and within the home. The annual rate of dog bite injuries stands at 1.1 per 1,000 individuals, with men experiencing slightly more dog bite injuries than women (1.18 per 1,000 men vs. 1.02 for women). These injuries have substantial financial implications, costing an estimated $400 million annually.

    Between 2011 and 2021, there were 468 fatalities due to dog bites or strikes, averaging 43 deaths annually. There was a notable surge in such fatalities from 2018 to 2021. In that time, the number of dog bite-related deaths increased more than twofold for men (from 15 to 37) and women (from 20 to 44).

    The Cincinnati Dog Bite Lawyers of Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC Will Fight for You

    We know that being attacked and bitten by a dog can be a frightening experience. In many cases, the injuries can be severe, and the treatments painful. As a result, you may be facing significant medical bills and lost work. That’s why the Cincinnati personal injury attorneys of Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC will vigorously pursue the compensation you deserve. Why wait another day? Contact us today at (513) 351-5997 for a free consultation so we can start pursuing recovery for you.


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