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Grant County Repossession Lawyers

GrantIf you have fallen behind on your car payment and face the threat of repossession, or if your car has already been repossessed for non-payment, a personal bankruptcy filing can stop the repossession action and, in the right circumstances, allow you to recover your vehicle. You want an experienced attorney to handle these matters for you, one who has protected the rights of others in similar circumstances.

At Lawrence & Associates, we offer extensive experience to people throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area with concerns about the repossession of personal property. We are knowledgeable lawyers who work hard to be accessible when you need to talk with us. We understand the emotional challenges that come with financial problems and take the time to carefully explain the law and the process, as well as your options, so that you can make informed decisions.

Experienced at Stopping Repossession for Our Clients

At Lawrence & Associates we have worked with people at all stages of a repossession proceeding, whether you have just received notice that your property is subject to repossession or your vehicle has already been repossessed. If you still have possession of your property, we can work directly with the lender to restructure or renegotiate the terms of your loan. However, in many circumstances, the most effective way to stop a repossession or regain your property is through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Lawrence & Associates will assist you with bankruptcy options that include:

  • Chapter 7 – Depending upon your income, you may be eligible for total and permanent financial resolution absolving you from certain types of debt, and immediately stopping all contact from debt collectors, garnishment, vehicle repossession, medical debt relief, tax relief, and credit card relief.
  • Chapter 11 – For business owners only. Allows you to completely reorganize your business debts while keeping your business intact.
  • Chapter 13 – Allows you to reorganize your debts into monthly payments you can afford and still pay off the debt over a period of time established by the court. This can have long-term benefits demonstrating to your lenders your willingness to pay them.

Contact Lawrence & Associates

If you contact us before your property is taken, we can immediately file a bankruptcy petition, which will put an automatic stay in place, suspending all legal proceedings, including repossession actions. Even if your car or other property has been repossessed, we may still be able to get it back for you by filing for bankruptcy protection before the property is sold. The sheriff may have served you with an Order of Replevin or the tow truck may be there right now, but we can still help prevent repossession. Contact us for the immediate help you need.

Our attorneys serve Williamstown, Dry Ridge, and Crittenden.

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