Work Credits

russia-95311_640In order to qualify for SSDI benefits you must have earned enough work credits to be insured under the Social Security System. Work credits are earned by paying Social Security taxes. In the year 2016 for every $1,260 earned you receive one work credit, with a maximum or 4 credits earned a year. Depending on your age and your date of disability you may require between 20 and 40 work credits. In general, if you have worked full time for the majority of the last ten years then you will have enough work credits to be eligible for SSDI benefits.  If you think you may have a work credits issue, call Lawrence & Associates and speak to a qualified representative regarding your unique situation.


You should always check with the Social Security website, above, for up-to-date information about your work credit needs, as these figures are subject to change annually.

Born after 1929, Became Disabled at Age: Number of Credits You Need:
31 through 42 20
44 22
46 24
48 26
50 28
52 30
54 32
56 34
58 36
60 38
62 or older 40