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Cincinnati Attorneys for Truck Accidents in Severe Weather

Cincinnati Attorneys for Truck Accidents in Severe Weather


If you have been injured during severe weather conditions in a tractor-trailer accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Stormy conditions are no excuse for poor driving, and tractor-trailer drivers and companies know the damage one simple mistake can cause. Beyond physical injuries and damage to property, tractor-trailer accidents often cause victims to fear roads and freeways for years to come.

At Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC, our Cincinnati tractor-trailer accident lawyers have extensive experience representing clients suffering from the actions of negligent drivers and trucking companies. A free consultation is only a phone call away at (513) 351-5997. You can also reach out to us 24/7 and contact us online.

What Are Severe Weather Accidents?

Severe weather truck accidents involving large trucks or tractor-trailers most often occur when road conditions worsen and the truck operators do not adapt their driving accordingly. Types of weather that can result in accidents include:

  • Rain
  • Snow or hail
  • Fog, smog, and smoke
  • Excessive particulates like dirt and sand
  • Glare caused by the sun
  • Storms with strong gusts

Why Are Accidents Common During Severe Weather?

Most Americans have likely driven in these conditions and had close calls with other drivers. Tractor-trailer drivers are less able to avoid close calls in bad weather because, no matter how quickly the driver reacts to the weather hazard, their vehicle can’t respond to those actions quickly because of its weight. Conditions that might be safe for driving smaller cars can be hazardous for driving large trucks. Drivers of tractor-trailers who fail to maintain a larger-than-usual distance between their vehicle and the cars ahead during bad road conditions are inviting accidents to happen.

Who Is Liable for Severe Weather Tractor-Trailer Accidents?

Just because the truck driver was driving at the time of your accident, that doesn’t mean they are the only potentially liable parties. One of the issues that make truck accident cases so complicated is that determining fault requires investigating a variety of potentially liable parties. Some of the possible parties responsible for your accident are:

  • Truck driver – Truck drivers might ignore training or make poor decisions during severe weather situations and end up causing serious accidents involving multiple cars. Proving a driver’s negligence often involves witness testimony, video proof from dashcams, and tools like accident reconstruction.
  • Trucking company – A trucking company may be liable for the accident if they supplied the driver with a truck they knew was defective, failed to properly maintain their vehicles, overburdened a truck with cargo, or put inexperienced drivers on the road before putting them through the required training. This would fall under employer negligence.
  • Truck manufacturers – If a vehicle malfunction caused the accident, the truck manufacturer might be at fault for selling a defective product.
  • Local, state, or federal agencies – Confusing road signs, inadequate upkeep of road surfaces, and other aspects of the road system under the control of the government can lead to accidents. In some cases, they could be held liable for your accident-related injuries and losses.
  • Truck maintenance company – If a maintenance company inspected the truck or made a repair and the repair failed, or the truck wasn’t returned to working condition, they might have liability for the accident.

Determining Liability

Determining liability can be especially difficult when accidents occur in severe weather. Not only are dashcams and video recordings sometimes obscured due to snow, rain, or glare from the sun, but liability might be split between multiple parties, which can make settlement negotiations or litigation a more extensive process. We will work to hold the negligent party responsible through the following methods:

  • Using video or photographic evidence of the accident
  • Gathering statements from witnesses, police, and the parties involved
  • Using accident reconstruction technology to display a depiction of the accident
  • Investigating road conditions near the area of the accident

No matter the situation, our truck accident attorneys and staff members have experience investigating our clients’ accidents and working diligently to discover what really happened and who was at fault for their injuries and losses.

What Compensation Can I Receive for My Injuries from a Severe Weather Truck Accident?

Truck Accident in Severe bad weather

When you’ve been injured due to another party’s negligence, you could be eligible for compensation to cover a variety of expenses and losses you incurred as a result of the crash. You might be eligible to obtain money for:

  • Medical bills
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Emotional harm
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Alternative transportation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future income

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Tractor-Trailer Accident?

Tractor-trailer accidents can cause life-threatening injuries and leave the victim scarred for life, both mentally and physically. Truck accidents occurring in severe weather can be significantly more destructive than those occurring in temperate conditions due to truck drivers having less control of their vehicles. Reduced sightlines during severe weather can sometimes lead to pileups that involve dozens of vehicles.

Following an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you shouldn’t have to worry about taking on a massive trucking or insurance company alone. Hiring attorneys who aggressively fight to protect your rights allows you to focus on rest, rehabilitation, and recovery while we handle the ongoing legal process. The combination of trucking companies, their insurance providers, and their expensive lawyers often makes the process unpleasant, but handling them is our job.

At Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC, when you hire us to go to work for you, you never have to make a payment upfront. Our legal team works on a contingency-fee basis, which means we’ll do all the work on your case without pay until we get compensation for you. If we don’t get you money, you don’t owe us anything.

Contact a Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Have you been injured in a large truck accident during severe weather? Contact Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC for help getting the compensation you need. We have worked hard for the working class in this community proudly since 2005 and are eager to help you get your life back on track. Call us today at (513) 351-5997 or contact us online for a free consultation and a discussion with our personal injury attorneys about your options.


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