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How Many Years Do I Have to Wait Before Filing a New Bankruptcy in Northern Kentucky?

Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2014 at 10:32 am    

how long between bankruptciesMany people in Northern Kentucky filed a bankruptcy within the last five to ten years, only to find new debts piling up. Northern Kentucky citizens sometimes find that the first bankruptcy may not have erased a debt as expected. Other times unexpected new debts occur after the first bankruptcy was filed, such as high medical bills from a Northern Kentucky hospital like St. Elizabeth Medical Center. The Northern Kentucky attorneys at Lawrence & Associates can provide affordable debt relief in this situation.

8 Years Between Chapter 7 Bankruptcies – Don’t Wait To Meet with an Bankruptcy Attorney Until the 8 year Term is Up

The bankruptcy code requires eight years between filing Chapter 7s, but there are many other options available for relief from out of control debt. That doesn’t mean you should wait for eight years to seek legal advice! The Northern Kentucky attorneys at Lawrence & Associates will work with you while you are waiting for your opportunity to file a Chapter 7 again, making sure you are ready to file as soon as your new Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available. If you delay seeking legal advice, you play right into your creditors’ hands, because they know you are able to file a new Chapter 7 bankruptcy after eight years, and they will try to sue you in Northern Kentucky before you can file. Get in touch with a Northern Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney today to stop creditors from suing you!

You Can File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at Any Time

In Northern Kentucky, you also have the option of filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy at any time after your Chapter 7 discharge, and this Chapter 13 will hold off your creditors until you can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy again. The Northern Kentucky attorneys at Lawrence & Associates can work with you on this and many other options to stop creditor harassment and provide debt relief immediately. If you aren’t able to file a new Chapter 7 bankruptcy yet but you need legal assistance now, call Lawrence & Associates in Northern Kentucky and we can help you!

If you or someone you know need(s) to file bankruptcy and has recently moved in or out of Kentucky, contact Lawrence & Associates today!

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