Employee Deaths on the Job: What Benefits Do Ohio and Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Provide?

The saddest day at Lawrence & Associates is when our attorneys sit down with a grieving widow, widower, or family member to discuss the workplace death of a loved one. Injuries are bad enough – always painful, often debilitating – but injuries can heal. When a family member dies, however, we are … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Ohio

Attorneys Justin Lawrence & Marisa Dyson discuss the benefits that the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) offers injured workers during and after a workers' compensation claim. … [Read more...]

The significance of Parker v. Webster County Coal LLC

Parker v. Webster County Coal LLC (Dotiki Mine), 529 S.W.3d 759 (Ky. 2017) is one of the most impactful Supreme Court decisions on Kentucky workers’ compensation law in recent times. Members of the Kentucky Legislature are politicking over revisions to the law as a result of the decision and … [Read more...]

What Does a Bankruptcy Attorney Do in the Eastern District of Kentucky?

Hiring a bankruptcy attorney can be expensive. Although Lawrence & Associates doesn’t charge any upfront fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many other Northern Kentucky* law firms charge up to two thousand dollars before the bankruptcy is filed. All law firms charge the court’s filing fees and … [Read more...]

Man Claims to be the CEO of Lawrence & Associates

We need your help! Unfortunately someone in another country by the name of Thomas Lawrence is claiming to be the CEO of Lawrence & Associates on Facebook. According to Facebook’s Community Standards, there is nothing wrong with this person claiming to be our CEO, but it is hurting our firm’s … [Read more...]

New Bankruptcy Rules

On December 1, 2017, a series of new Federal and EDKY bankruptcy rules went into effect. Most of these changes are procedural and will not have a direct impact on a clients’ eligibility or decision to file one chapter of bankruptcy over another. However, these changes must be carefully considered … [Read more...]

How Are Kentucky Bankruptcy Trustees Paid, and How Does That Affect My Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Trustees come in several flavors. The Covington Division of Kentucky’s federal bankruptcy courts alone have three Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees, one Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee, a United States Trustee, and occasional special trustees that might be appointed to oversee especially … [Read more...]

Filing Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure in Northern Kentucky

The following post is part of our Law Student Blog Writing Project, and is authored by Raphael Jackson, a law student from the Chase School of Law. Some Kentucky residents at a certain unfortunate period in their lives may find themselves in a position in which they must consider the option of … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before Divorce

Divorce can be an unfortunate situation for a married couple in endless ways and will almost always have a detrimental effect on the parties’ financial situations. Frequently, one or both individuals seeks relief from United States Bankruptcy Court for a Chapter 7 case after the conclusion of the … [Read more...]

Jingle Bells or Jingle Blues?

The following post is part of our Law Student Blog Writing Project, and is authored by Thomas Rovito, who is pursuing his Juris Doctorate at the Ohio State University. How Holiday Credit Card Debt Could Impact Your Kentucky Bankruptcy The consumer advocate news outlet NerdWallet estimates that … [Read more...]