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Fen-Phen Case: The Justice System May Not Be Fast, But It Generally Gets Things Right

Posted on Friday, September 19th, 2014 at 3:28 pm    

fen-phenRemember the Fen-Phen disaster? If you don’t remember it, way back around 2006 the Fen-Phen class action settlement became the biggest black eye the legal profession has seen in a long time because four attorneys conspired to keep millions of dollars from the settlement that should have gone to their clients. Then a judge rubber stamped the whole sordid mess. There was a public outcry (justified) that left a lot of people wondering if justice would ever be served (not justified).

Justice Has Been Served

All of the attorneys and the judge have been disbarred. Two of the attorneys are serving what amounts to life sentences in prison based on their age and health. A third attorney went through a criminal trial and was acquitted. And within the last month, the final attorney – Stan Chesley of Cincinnati, Ohio – was ordered to pay back $42 Million dollars to the Fen-Phen victims. If he fails or refuses to do so, he could be held in contempt of court and also see jail time. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t pretty. But justice was served.

Policing It’s Own

I’m proud to work in a system that doesn’t just take care of its own (and I’m looking at American Medical Association here), but rather polices its own and makes sure victims get what they deserve. It’s your justice system. Fight to keep it strong.

Information About Product Liability Cases

When a poorly designed or manufactured product causes an injury, the victim can claim compensation for financial loses, pain and emotional suffering. The families of people killed by a dangerous product can also seek compensation. Product liability cases are often hard-fought and present numerous liability and technical challenges. You should seek out an attorney who has the experience, skills and resources needed to meet these challenges.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by a product in Kentucky or Ohio, you need an attorney. Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC has a long record of success in personal injury litigation in Kentucky and Ohio.

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Last Updated : February 20, 2019
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