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Disability Explained: Have You Been Disabled as a Result of Injury, Disease, or Age? You May Be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

Posted on Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 4:06 pm    

Social Security DisabilityThe Social Security Administration offers many kinds of benefits. Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC helps our Greater Cincinnati clients who have become disabled as a result of injury, disease, or age get the benefits they are owed by the Social Security Administration. The two most common types of benefits are Social Security Disability Benefits (also called DIB, SSDI or Title II benefits) and Supplemental Security Income (also called SSI or Title XVI benefits). It is important to be sure that you file for all available benefits when you first file a claim with the Social Security Administration, and hiring a knowledgeable Northern Kentucky law firm is the best way to ensure you are getting everything you deserve.

Attorney Fees Don’t Have to be Paid Out of Pocket

It’s important to know that your social security disability attorney does not have to be paid out of pocket for his or her services. Instead, attorneys in Northern Kentucky receive 25% of your back pay from your Social Security award, usually up to a $6,000.00 limit. This is important because it gives the disabled the ability to hire an attorney to maximize their chances of success, and it ensures that the disabled will not owe an attorney money if the claim is not successful for some reason. An attorney can file a petition with the Social Security Administration for more than a $6,000 fee if a claim involves multiple hearings or appeals, but in practice this is rare.

Conditions Eligible for Disability Vary Widely

The types of conditions that are eligible for disability vary widely, and can include anything from cancer to Down’s Syndrome to orthopedic injuries. In the Greater Cincinnati area, the most common reasons to get disability tend to be: back and spinal injuries, vision loss or blindness, diabetic related conditions, loss of use of an arm or leg, anxiety, depression, and arthritis. You cannot get disability if you are still working, even if you are working in a limited capacity or with work restrictions approved by your doctor and employer.

A Strong Advocate For Your Right to Recover Benefits

Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC will be your strong advocate in the social security system, standing up for your right to recover the benefits you’ve paid into for so long. The process for filing for social security disability is long and complicated, but with a strong advocate you will have a much higher chance of success. Our Northern Kentucky Social Security Disability attorneys will keep you informed of the progress in your case and return your calls as soon as possible. We hope you’ll choose us to represent you!

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