Lawrence & Associates Help a Husband and Wife in Northern Kentucky Get Released of Their Credit Card Debt

Tcredit card debthere are many reasons that individuals and families find they can no longer afford to pay monthly bills. Some may have recently gone through a divorce or been saddled with overwhelming medical bills. Others have been injured at work or in an accident and are unable to earn an income. Many are facing increased interest rates on mortgages or credit cards and cannot keep up. There are also people who simply let spending get out of control and cannot find a way out. We want to share a recent case we handled to give you an idea of what we can do for our clients. We will supply as many details as possible while still respecting our clients need for privacy.

The Situation

Our clients, a husband and wife, were getting sued by credit card companies. They had been making payments, but the interest rate were so high that their payments only went to the monthly interest on their cards. They were afraid to file bankruptcy because they were afraid they’d lose their house and their car.

What We Did

Lawrence & Associates helped them file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and made sure they didn’t lose any property. The credit card debt – which would have already been paid back if it would have had normal interest rates – was wiped clean.

The Result

Our clients received a fresh start and then began living their lives without the constant fear of a lawsuit hanging over their heads.

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Providing You With Debt Relief Solutions Through Bankruptcy

Regardless of the reasons that brought you to financial distress, filing for bankruptcy does not make you a bad person. In fact, the government created bankruptcy in order to help people recover from unmanageable financial problems. At Lawrence & Associates, we help our clients understand how bankruptcy laws are made to protect them and will allow for a brighter financial future.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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