What Does It Cost To Have An Attorney Handle My Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case?

The short Answer at Lawrence & Associates is that in most cases it costs $870 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or $300 out of pocket for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, plus court fees of $335 for a Chapter 7 or $310 for a Chapter 13. In extremely complex or extremely simple cases our prices will vary but … [Read more...]

Student Loans Cannot Be Discharged in a Bankruptcy

Presently student loans are non-dischargeable in a bankruptcy and it doesn't seem that Congress is likely to change this rule anytime soon. The only way to get rid of a student loan is by paying it off. Types of Student Loans... Loans from the Federal Government - Loans from the federal … [Read more...]

You Have the Right to Wipe Your St. Elizabeth Bills Clean Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

St. Elizabeth Medical Center is the largest medical provider in Northern Kentucky, serving thousands of patients daily. In addition to its five area hospitals in Boone, Kenton, Campbell and Grant counties, St. Elizabeth also owns multiple medical practices in areas ranging from physical therapy to … [Read more...]