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There’s a Lien on My Property; What Does that Mean?

Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 4:30 pm    

lien on propertyIn Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas, creditors will sometimes sue over bills such as a Chase credit card or a St. Elizabeth hospital medical bill. Usually, these creditors are trying to garnish your wages, but sometimes the creditor will decide to put a judicial lien on your property. If that happens, there can be serious consequences. The creditor can try to force the sale of your home, and while the home remains unsold  interest will continue to accumulate. The equity you’ve worked hard to build in your home can disappear unless you taken action.

Act Quickly for Your Best Results

For most consumers, filing a bankruptcy is the best way to stop a credit card or medical bill lawsuit in its tracks. If you can, contact an attorney as soon as the complaint is filed, if not beforehand. This gives us the maximum amount of time in which to prepare for the bankruptcy and the best ability to prevent the lien in the first place. Once a lien is filed in Northern Kentucky, it is much harder to discharge the debt. Rather than being unsecured, the creditor with the lien on your property is potentially secured. Northern Kentucky Bankruptcy lawyers have the ability to strip some judicial liens based upon your equity in your property and the exemptions applicable to you.

Avoid the hassle of creditors and their liens! A free consultation  with Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC will help you decide what action to take.  We can also work together to stop foreclosures, repossessions, and lawsuits.

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Last Updated : February 20, 2019
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