Turner v. Midland Decision

Follow the link to read an important published decision by the Eastern District of Kentucky federal court, in which Justin Lawrence successfully argued that his admiralty client, a Jones Act Seaman working on the Ohio River, was entitled to proceed to a trial by jury on all his claims for damages. … [Read more...]

Join Us as We Restore Trees in Buena Vista Park

In the fall of 2015, vandals destroyed newly planted saplings at the Buena Vista Park in Newport, Kentucky. Lawrence & Associates heard about this criminal act through the Newport Parks Renaissance Commission’s Facebook posts, and offered to help. After six months of planning and a short winter, … [Read more...]

How Can I Stop My Car From Getting Repossessed?

A car is a necessity in modern life. We need to go to work, school, and home, and few of us live in walking distance. Therefore, the prospect of a car’s repossession is frightening. Once you finance or lease a car, your car lender has certain rights and remedies that come with the contract you sign. … [Read more...]

Am I Covered Under Kentucky Workers’ Compensation?

Workers compensation in the state of Kentucky is a state-mandated, "no-fault" insurance system that pays benefits to workers injured on the job. It is managed by Kentucky’s Department of Workers’ Claims. Any employer who has at least one employee must acquire this coverage before the employee’s … [Read more...]

Social Media and Lawsuits – What You Say Can Be Used Against You by a Defense Attorney

The American Association for Justice creates Trial Magazine, which discusses best practices for trial attorneys and their clients. A recent article on the use of social media by litigants gave ten excellent pointers. For years, judges have allowed defense attorneys to look at social media … [Read more...]

Spotlight On Pete Tripp

Learn more about Pete Tripp, the Senior Associate at Lawrence & Associates How long have you been in practice? Since 2012. I have been with Lawrence and associates since early 2015. I am admitted in Ohio and Kentucky. Prior to practicing law, my career was in sales, and retail … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Danielle Rodriguez

Learn more about Danielle Rodriguez, an Associate at Lawrence & Associates How long have you been in practice? I have been with the Firm since July 2015. Prior to practicing law, I taught in public and private education for 8 years. Describe your area of practice. I currently focus on … [Read more...]

The Problem with Using Yelp When Searching for an Attorney

Yelp can be a thorn in the side of many professionals because Google tends to emphasize Yelp reviews and even publish them in search results. However, Yelp reviews tend not to accurately capture a professional service’s – or any small business’s – actual client relationships. Many have complained … [Read more...]

Frequent Bankruptcy Question: Can I File Bankruptcy More Than Once?

Our Northern Kentucky office regularly helps local families file bankruptcy a second or even third time. More than one bankruptcy filing is not only possible, it can be expected in certain circumstances. For example, if a client has significant tax debts and credit card debts and knows high payments … [Read more...]

It’s Election Day So Please Vote and Read This Article “No Accountability = No Safety: How Tort Reform Endangers Us All”

On this election day, Lawrence & Associates would like you to take 5 minutes out of your day to read this article before you vote today. The article helps to show that there isn't a "medical liability crisis" and that the number of medical negligence claims has always been small and getting … [Read more...]