Turner v. Midland Decision

Follow the link to read an important published decision by the Eastern District of Kentucky federal court, in which Justin Lawrence successfully argued that his admiralty client, a Jones Act Seaman working on the Ohio River, was entitled to proceed to a trial by jury on all his claims for damages. … [Read more...]

Am I Covered Under Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Code?

If you were injured on the job while working in Ohio, you are probably covered under Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Code. Here are the things that Ohio Revised Code 4123 requires injured workers to prove to have their claim allowed: That you were actually employed by the company you are filing a … [Read more...]

Injured at Work: Separating Jones Act from State Workers’ Compensation Claims

In this article, Justin Lawrence explains the difference between Workers’ Compensation benefits and the Jones Act, which provides benefits for men and women who work on navigable waterways such as the Ohio River.  Workers should know under which system they are eligible for benefits, and what … [Read more...]

The Injured Plaintiff’s Bankruptcy — Pitfalls for the Civil Litigator

Justin Lawrence recently wrote an article for the Advocate, Kentucky’s trial lawyer community’s premier publication, about what needs to be done when a person who is injured by an automobile accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury files for bankruptcy while their lawsuit is still … [Read more...]

Attorney Justin Lawrence Wins at the Kentucky Supreme Court

Attorney Justin Lawrence, founder of Lawrence & Associates, recently wrote an Amicus (or “Friend of the Court”) brief for the Kentucky AFL-CIO at the Kentucky Supreme Court. The brief concerned a Workers’ Compensation case in which the injured worker demanded full compensation for his injury and … [Read more...]

Spotlight On Pete Tripp

Learn more about Pete Tripp, the Senior Associate at Lawrence & Associates How long have you been in practice? Since 2012. I have been with Lawrence and associates since early 2015. I am admitted in Ohio and Kentucky. Prior to practicing law, my career was in sales, and retail … [Read more...]

Choosing an Attorney in Kentucky – How Organization Membership Helps You Choose

We’ve written previously about some common sense tips for selecting the right attorney for your case. That article, while general, received good reviews. We’re going to revisit the issue here to help people in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas get all the information they need about … [Read more...]

Lawrence & Associates Won the First Civil Trial Tried in Boone County This Year

Lawrence & Associates tried the first civil trial in Boone County court this year and walked away with a complete victory. The case, Webster v. Whalen, involved a motor vehicle accident with injuries and associated workers' compensation claims. Appeal time is running for the other party, and we … [Read more...]

Why Isn’t My Workers’ Compensation Check in the Mail?

The surprise disappearance of a Workers’ Compensation check, or TTD check, is one of the most common reasons injured workers look for a lawyer. The TTD check is supposed to be about 2/3 of the injured workers’ average weekly wage (AWW), and is generally the lifeline saving injured workers from … [Read more...]

Lawrence & Associates Help a Client Offered Too Little By Her Workers’ Comp Carrier Get a Settlement for 10 times More!

Everyday employees are injured while on the job and everyday employers and insurance companies try to deny those injuries have happened on the job because they are trying to minimize the value of claims. Our goal is to help our clients get the medical care they need to recover as much as possible. … [Read more...]